EIGHT HORSES Silver And Golden High-Grade Fountain Pen

  • $ 9.99

Type:Fountain Pen
Special Application:Writing
Nib Material:Iraurita
Fountain Pen's Tip Material:Gold
Nib Type:Standard Type

Product Description:
Pen is a powerful means of mankind for inheritance of civilizations, recordation of thoughts and communication of feelings. Nowadays the pen has exceeded the writing function itself.
To possess a pen with integrity of quality and perfect design becomes a symbol of nobility.

Pen Condition:100% New
Pen: Bronze barrel with xuebeihong "the eight horse" printed ,golden clip and trim;
        Silver grey barrel with Xu Beihong "THE EIGHT HORSES" carved , gold clip and trim.

Cap: Snap on type cap
Converter: Empty removeable converter, with 3mm joining size ( you can use bottle ink for it or you can use ink cartridges which with 3mm joining size)
Nib: Medium
Length: 13.5 cm approx.
Weight: 0.033 kg approx.


Delivery: 15-40 days (ships out within 7 business days)